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Razia Begum Dialysis Centre

  • 04 June 2016

The Razia Bagum Dialysis Centre is an initiative by Bilqees Sarwar Hospital to deliver quality dialysis treatments in Pakistan.

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doctors of Bilqees sarwar Hospital

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital

  • 20 September 2015

The Bilqees Sarwar Hospital (BSH) is part of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), a family-run charity based in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Plasmapheresis Donater at BSH

Plasmapheresis Donations

  • Ongoing financial donation for free plasmapheresis treatments at Mayo Hospital

We donated 1.35 million rupees to Pakistan Myasthenic Welfare Organisation (PMWO) to provide free plasmapheresis treatment for patients with neurological disorders.

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kids standing in front of BSF unit

Mobile clinic for Syrian refugees

  • 01 May 2015 - 30 November 2015

We provided USD 2,500 per month to enable Alseeraj to continue its mobile medical clinic in Syrian refugee camps in eastern...

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Mayo Hospital building

Mayo Hospital Renovations

  • 11 April 2015

We have sponsored the ward renovations of Mayo Hospital, one of the oldest and largest hospitals in Punjab.

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BSF renovates District Jail Hospital

District Jail Hospital Renovations

We refurbished the Government of Punjab’s District Jail Hospital with first aid equipment.

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